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  1. Lifetime 90042 Earthtone Heavy Duty Metal Playset with Club House
  2. Gorilla Playsets Big Skye II
  3. Lifetime 90143 The Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set
  4. Backyard Discovery Playset 6010 - Highlander Swing Set
  5. Kidwise MKY-1-SB-WH Monkey Play Set Package #1
  6. Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Mountaineer
  7. Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playset
  8. Swing - N - Slide Southampton Wood Playset
  9. Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Playset
  10. Swing - N - Slide Brentwood Wood Playset

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All Swingsets Reviewed:
  Backyard Discovery Woodridge

Blue Ridge Chateau Gorilla Playset

Gorilla Blue Ridge Frontier

Lifetime 3-Station Metal Swing Set

Lifetime Deluxe Metal Swing Set

Little Tikes Clubhouse

Rainbow Play Fiesta Castle

Rainbow Play Monster Huckleberry

Swing-n-Slide Soaring Summerville

Swing-n-Slide Chesapeake Playset

Andorra Wooden Swing Set

Windsor II Metal Gym Set

IronKids Inspiration 250 Fitness Playground

Swingset Reviews 2021

We all know there are many great options on the market for the swingsets, playsets and other playground equipment. Here we provide reviews for top rated swingsets or playsets with useful information, specifications, and where to buy as well. All models are reviewed based on product materials, features, quality, warranty information, among other specifications. This review site was designed to help consumers choose the best playset for their outdoor needs. Thank you for Swingset Reviews team for helping us do some research.

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lifetime heavy duty playset

1. Lifetime Heavy Duty Metal Playset with Clubhouse

"When shopping around for playground equipment, the Lifetime Heavy Duty Playset will arguably provide the highest amount of structural support and features offered for a very fair price. It is backed by the best warranty that we could find on playground equipment. It has earned our top rating based on its warranty, money guarantees..." read full review

Gorilla blue ridge mountaineer playset

2. Gorilla Blue Skye II Playset

"Gorilla playsets are made from the finest cedar from ‘certified’ forests. The cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect damage and has been sealed in the factory beforehand. Some of the main beams are also sealed with a maintenance free timber shield protective poly coating..."read full review

Swing n slide southampton wood playset

3. Lifetime Monkey Bar Swing Sets

"The Monkey Bar Adventure Swing offers your children every backyard activity they are looking for without cluttering the playset with various lessor used accessories. This is a simple, solid backyard toy that will keep your children occupied for hours...." read full review

Playstar great escape wood playset

4. Backyard Discovery Highlander Swing Set

"The Highlander offers tons of play fun for kids that starts with a four-level fort that looks like a chalet. The lower level has a picnic table and sand box area. Climb up one platform and then the next to the slide level. Climb up one more level to the clubhouse with a covered porch...." read full review

Playstar great escape wood playset

5. Kidwise Monkey Play Set #1 White and Sand

"The Monkey Play Set 1 is 100% splinter free swing set because it is built with Woodguard maintenance free lumber. This means no more staining the family swing set year after year..." read full review

Playstar great escape wood playset

6. Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Mountaineer Playset

"The Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Mountaineer Playground System includes a number of great features that will entertain your kids for hours. A tube slide, climbing rock wall, a climbing rope ladder, a safety step ladder with flat steps to prevent kids from falling, a picnic table, sandbox, telescope, tic-tac-toe spinner panel, and a flag kit..." read full review

Playstar great escape wood playset

7. Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playset

"The Little Tikes Endless Adventure Playset offers a number of features. It includes a short four foot high platform with an enclosed fort versus the over ten foot high platform of the Lifetime set that includes a five foot height clearance for larger children. It has a multiple station swing set with two swings and a two person glider...."read full review

Playstar great escape wood playset

8. Swing - N - Slide Southampton Wood Playset

"The Swing n Slide Southampton playset comes with a number of fantastic features that your kids will thoroughly enjoy. There are two slides-a wavy slide and a tunnel twister. It has a four foot roped rock climbing wall, magnetic chalkboard, family sized picnic table, two swings, ring/trapeze combo, and a hideaway clubhouse with shuttered windows..."read full review

Playstar great escape wood playset

9. Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Playset

"The Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Playseyis an ideal choice for smaller backyards and budgets. This eco-friendly cedar swing set includes activities that are sure to keep your child busy and entertained for hours on end..." read full review

Little tikes endless adventures playset
10. Swing - N - Slide Brentwood Wood Complete

"The Wood Complete Brentwood Ready-to-Assemble play set kit comes complete with a climbing wall with 8 climbing rocks, Steering wheel, Safety handles, Heavy-duty pleated vinyl canopy, Cabin window with shutters, and Sandbox. Ready for your kids in Just One Day..." read full review



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