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  1. Lifetime 90042 Earthtone Heavy Duty Metal Playset with Club House
  2. Gorilla Playsets Big Skye II
  3. Lifetime 90143 The Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set
  4. Backyard Discovery Playset 6010 - Highlander Swing Set
  5. Kidwise MKY-1-SB-WH Monkey Play Set Package #1
  6. Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Mountaineer
  7. Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playset
  8. Swing - N - Slide Southampton Wood Playset
  9. Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Playset
  10. Swing - N - Slide Brentwood Wood Playset

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Gorilla Blue Ridge Frontier

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Lifetime Deluxe Metal Swing Set

Little Tikes Clubhouse

Rainbow Play Fiesta Castle

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Swing-n-Slide Soaring Summerville

Swing-n-Slide Chesapeake Playset

Andorra Wooden Swing Set

Windsor II Metal Gym Set

IronKids Inspiration 250 Fitness Playground

#7 Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playset Swingset Review

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playset
Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playset

The Little Tikes Endless Adventure Playset is constructed of plastic materials. Their claim is that it looks like wood, but looking at the playset there is no resemblance to wood. Little Tikes also claims that the set is made of durable materials and is “virtually” maintenance free, unlike the Lifetime set that is completely maintenance free. Some consumers mentioned that they had to change rope ladder every year and it is not warrantied. The Little Tikes playset is easier to assemble than the wooden sets, but this is because it is much smaller and there are no holes that need to be drilled, even though some consumers mentioned that some bolts are not long enough and they had to buy a longer one. The Little Tikes playset will also need to be anchored to the ground like the Swing n Slide sets.

When shopping around for a smaller playset that is designed for younger children, the Little Tikes Endless Adventure Playset will provide some outdoor fun and entertainment at an affordable price. If you are considering purchasing a plastic playset and don’t mind the limited play features, you might want to consider the Little Tikes Endless Adventure Playset.

We gave the Little Tikes Endless Adventure Playset our #7 choice for consumer-based playground equipment sets based on a combination of durability, ease of assembly, materials and warranty.

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playset

Product Specifications

- Extra long wavy slide
- Anchor kit included ( Must be anchored )
- Maximum number of kids 6
- Weight limit up to 100lbs. per child
- Slide length: 73"
- Sandbox area 33.5" x 33.5" Holds 200 lbs. of sand (not included)

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playset


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